General questions
How to issue the order?
The order is issued only in the online courier order form on the website. It is made so that the service is convenient, fast, and cheap. We don't take orders by phone. Yes, it is unusual, but convenient. Try it and you will like it. To place an order you need:

1) To describe the order.

a) Address of a fence and delivery

b) Departure dimensions.

c) Contacts

d) Terms

2) To learn the price. The cost is calculated at once and it will be final, without further changes. After you have filled out all information on the order, press "Next".

3) To confirm the phone. On the second page of the online courier order form, you need to provide a name and confirm your phone. After confirming, click the "Next" button.

4) Search of the courier. Usually it takes 1 - 4 minutes. After the appointment of the courier, the form will have his contacts and name. The courier will try to contact you at once, but he does not always have such an opportunity (for example, he is in the subway or driving). Also, you can specify some details in the message to the courier - the "Write a courier" item. All notifications of the appointment and terms of arrival of the courier will also come to you via SMS to the specified phone.

5) To pay. It is possible to pay delivery on the first address or upon, as it will be more convenient for you. Cash or card personally to the courier.

6) Support. If you have errors at some stage, write to us in the chat. We respond quickly.

      How to call you?
      No, we do not have phones. All the support we have through the chat on the website. Yes, it is unusual, but convenient and allows to reduce the price of services.

      We refused the phone. The telephone communication is time consuming and causes many mistakes. You are in touch with the developers of the project, we know everything about the service and we will quickly resolve your issue. One of the quality indicators for us, is to provide a service so, that there was no need for a call or request to technical support.

      It seems that it is more convenient to call: to tell 2 addresses and the phone number is quicker and easier, than typing the same in the form on the site. However, the probability a mistake is high.

      Couriers constantly on the way, it is noisy around. It is necessary to keep in head a lot of information on several orders. In such circumstances, it is easy to forget something or mix it up. We solved this problem with our system.

      The robot sends the courier all the data for the order via Telegram. The error probability is minimized.

      All issues on problem cases are also resolved via Telegram. It takes less time to solve each problem. We make changes quickly to the system to avoid a repetition of the problem in the future.

      How to make sure that the order is issued?
      The online courier order form will display the status: "Courier is assigned" and contacts of the courier. Also, you will receive an SMS with a link to the online courier order form. The arrival time of the courier and the delivery status will come to you in next SMS and this data will be updated in the form.
      In what cities do you work?
          • Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg

          • Astana and Almaty

          • Lagos
              Prices and payment
              How much does it cost?
              The cost of delivery depends on the specific addresses and complexity of the route. Write the addresses in the form and there will be a cost at the bottom

              Average: In center of Lagos price wiil be from 400 to 600 NGN, in suburbs , from 800 - 1200 NGN
                How to count the new price if the route has changed?
                You can re-enter the latest information into the online courier order form and see the new order value. Courier to offer a difference.
                How to pay?
                Payment in person to the courier: cash, bank transfer to the card or payment by card on the site (still in development). Payment on the settlement account is still under development. Payment by the corporate card on the website is possible (when payment on the website is available).
                When to pay the courier?
                You can pay both at the address of the fence and departure delivery. The customer or the recipient can pay, this can be specified in the order comment.
                Is it possible to pay on the settlement account?
                Non-cash payment so far in development. There will be an opportunity to pay the express services by card on the website soon.
                Terms and instructions
                How quickly do you deliver?
                Couriers delivered day in day, unless other is specified by the Customer. Terms depend on the addresses and the selected interval. By default, the interval is set to 4 hours. The closer the first address is to the center, the faster the courier will arrive.
                How to set pickup time?
                Pickup time directly depends on the time which you need to deliver. Change "Deliver to" time to set the time of a fence. Change a delivery interval to set the exact time of arrival. By default, the interval is 4 hours, but you can select 3h., 2h., 1h. and 30 minutes.
                What can a courier do?
                Our couriers can do a lot. There is a large list in the section "Order". The courier can meet the train / plane, send the parcel, go to the post office, go to the store, give a present, buy at your own expense, load the parcel, stand in line.
                I need to deliver in concrete time. How to set it?
                Concrete time can be set by narrowing the delivery time interval. By default, the interval is 4 hours. The specific delivery time can be set by selecting the 30 minutes interval.
                The courier at the address will receive cash for the parcel, how to arrange it?
                Choose the order: "Accept cash" in the online order form. Next, specify the amount in a special field.
                How do you guarantee safety of departure?
                According to the agreement, we bear responsibility within the stated declared value. The declared value rate is 0,9% . In case of loss occurrences, we compensate you with 100% of the departure cost.