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600 NGN

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Scheme of work
Calculating the cost of delivery
The cost of delivery depends on the specific addresses and complexity of the route.

Write the addresses in the form and there will be a cost at the bottom

Average: In center of Lagos price wiil be from 600 NGN, in suburbs , from 800 - 1200 NGN
Route plan
Couriers work through the mobile app. Information about the new order is sent to the courier who completed the order. If the order is small-size, the courier can be given a parallel order.
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Our partners
Other cities
We work in: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Almaty, Astana, Lagos.

We have 300 deliveries per day , more than 1000 active couriers in Moscow.
Every month we are trusted by more than 3,000 customers.

The project is only 1 year old in St. Petersburg. Now, there are about 50 deliveries per day.

In March 18, in Astana and Almaty we opened together with our partner c.alekenov He has his own flower shop and it accelerates the start-up.

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